Saturday, August 18

Thank You, Mentos

I would like to thank Perfetti Van Melle for giving me an Xbox 360.

I think it was a month ago when I got the call from Xylee that I had a letter from Perfetti. I was in Fontana then, attending a friend's wedding. "Perfetti?," I asked.

"Perfetti Van Melle," said Xylee.

"Van Melle, the creators of Mentos?"

Initially I thought it was an invitation for an event. Or maybe an interview schedule for a job opening. And so I told Xylee to read it for me.

"Congratulations! You have just won a Microsoft Xbox!" Yey! Yeyeyeyeyey! Six yeys after.. Xbox.. That's it? I would like to have fries with that please. And by fries I meant 360. "Nope. That's it. Microsoft Xbox." Damn. Oh well, it's still free! Maybe I can sell it and buy myself something useful.

The day came for me to pick-up the prize. Excitement level was at a minimum. Add to that the time it took for the lady to get my prize.. I was practically sedated. But not for long.. Here comes the prize: Kaboom. There was a 360 after all. Not only was I excited, I was rudely impetuous. I kept thinking that there was some sort of mistake. The 360 belonged to someone else. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Before you realize it's not really mine.

"Kindly sign here," she said.

The two ends of my mouth sliced my face in half. I couldn't help it.

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