Friday, September 28

Sweet Victoria

I would have wanted a major comeback from our squad. But a win is a win. Hopefully Sunday's will be more lopsided. I don't want a close fight. Not with DLSU. Never with DLSU. It's true: nobody wants to see a beating -- except of the Archers. When they're down, kick them in the nuts (figuratively). Literally would be pulling an Ilad.

Wednesday, September 26

ADMU-DLSU in the New York Times

The Ateneo-La Salle rivalry actually made it onto the pages of the New York Times. Interesting. Read the article, entitled "A Nation's Passion Lives in a Rivalry of Green vs. Blue," here.

Tickets? Who has tickets?:)

Tuesday, September 18


The other day I saw David Duchovny on Late Night. Apparently, he's back on the tube. This time as a sex-addicted writer "unfortunately" lost in the vaginas of California. "There were 8 breasts in the pilot episode - two of which were mine," said Duchovny. "Sold," said I. In a few minutes I was watching the pilot. He lied. There were ten breasts. Suffice to say I was hooked. But not because of them breasts, of course. Not because of them breasts. It was actually funny. Somehow I saw Mike Myers in David Duchovny. Mike Myers in David Duchovny. You have to check it out for yourselves. I've seen the first two [sidenote: although not that important - more breasts] and I am now currently downloading the next three.

Monday, September 17

Willie Won

I can't believe people took his side.. Please explain..

Thursday, September 13

Criss Angel: Mindfreak

Time to freak your friends. If you haven't seen this yet I'm sorry. You won't get freaked. [If you want me to freak you first, YM or text me. Seriously, he's goood. Message me first before moving on. Science the trick.] But I am giving you the chance to freak your friends. That is if they don't read our blog.

Go to this website to freak you friends:

**by freak I didn't mean to dry hump on the dancefloor or some other connotation relating to such actions like what Criss Angel did to Britney Spears after she hopped in his car at 4am in the morning after a night of partying

Tuesday, September 11

This is the DARK in Darko

After losing by a point to Greece in EuroBasket 2007, Darko had more than a point to spew out in his outburst:

Reporter: Darko Milicic, congratulations despite the loss. First impressions?

Darko: Nothing, these three big sh*theads, these two.. three p*ssies have cheated us, that's what happened. This p*ssy, these three sh*theads think they are something. I will go and f*ck their mothers' p*ssy -- all three of them, that's what I'm gonna do.. p*ssies all three of them, I'm gonna f*ck his Italian mother in her p*ssy, man, that's what I want to say..

Reporter: Darko, calm down a little bit, your impressions of the game?

Darko: He's a sh*thead, he should s*ck my d*ck.. go on.. write that, man.. all three of them, the first one and the second one and the third one.. I don't give a damn about this, that's what I want to say..

Reporter: ???

Darko: P*ssies.. they don't call anything.. he sh*t in his pants.. I will f*ck his mother in the mouth, man.. if he has a daughter, I will also f*ck his daughter!

Reporter: ???

Darko: ..we are fighting here, I died.. I need an infusion, do you understand.. and they cheat us like sh*t..

Wow. Raping referee's daughters. Apparently they use these slurs often in their country. Performing unwarranted sex with your enemy's relatives are comparable to saying they are tarantado or gago.

Monday, September 10

Friday, September 7

So Close

..was I to the 2nd Round of APPT-Seoul. Last night I finished 11th place. They needed 10!

When we were down to 15 I knew I had a huuuge chance of making it. I was 11th at the time. One more went out. I was 10th! Time to calculate. I was sure I was gonna get in. I didn't have to play a hand. With four players behind by around 3,000 in chips I was as good as there.

But no, someone made a desperate move to overtake me. Succeeded.

Now I was back at the bubble. Fortunately, the player in tenth wasn't even playing. He was sitting out. Didn't look great for him: I was ahead by 900+ and he was seated right before me. WRONG! He was in perfect position. This I only realized on my last hand. He posted Ante. I posted Small Blind. Ante was 400, Small Blind was 2000. "Mogs, you idiot!"

Tuesday, September 4

Will Someone Please Buy Me for Christmas:

It's still two months away. More time to save up! I want the WPT one. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Monday, September 3

Poll Mata

Time to pick a side. Joey or Willie? The Originator vs The Fake. The Best vs The Rest. The one you should choose vs the one you shouldn't. Poll's on the left.

Sunday, September 2

Bench Fantasy 2008

Let the games begin.. On November.

Saturday, September 1

Mr $0.42

I just won my first PKR $5 freeroll tournament! Respeka tha 3rd placah! Damn proud!