Friday, May 23

GTA Board Game

Thursday, May 22

David Cook Wins American Idol

Yeah, shut our biased pie-hole Randy Jackson.

Wednesday, May 21

The Judges of American Idol are BIASED

Enough said.

Tuesday, May 20

Help Us Win!

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Thanks in advance!

Friday, May 16

We Are Bad Ass

It's a bit shallow but I must admit, I always get a kick when our beloved country is reprazented (I love this term) in international media.

Last time I heard a mention was when Teri Hatcher dissed our beloved doctors in a Desperate Housewives episode. We never get good props like: "Hey, I'd love to go to the Philippines. I heard that balut is really good!" Or something like, "Yeah, let's elope and move to Manila."

It's always: "Don't go there.. unless you wanna get kidnapped." Or, "People there eat dogs and undeveloped bird eggs!"

Last night, while playing EA's latest fps Army of Two, I got another one of those kicks! Our country got reprazented again.. only this time by the Abu Sayyaf! The mission briefing went something like: "You need go to the Philippines and retake a commandeered aircraft carrier. The captain and his crew were taken hostage by the Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda."

Sadly, the "Abu Sayyaf" looked more like American mercenaries - unlike the Abu Sayyaf of Sierra's CounterStrike Source, who looked more Pinoy and even spoke a few words of Tagalog.

I loved it nonetheless: Astig! Especially when the carrier (which happened to be carrying a buttload of nukes) was on its way to the harbors of Manila. Exciting! I felt like I was saving you guys from total annihilation!

Here's a screenshot of one of the characters, Salem, standing on the runway of the soon-to-be-sunk aircraft carrier:

David vs. David

Wednesday, May 14

Megan Fox in "As Nude As It Gets"

Remember when I told you guys to watch out for the upcoming horror flick "Jennifer's Body"? Well here it is.

Presenting Jennifer's Body:
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“I really enjoy having sex,” says MegaFox. “I’m young and have a lot of hormones. I’m always in the mood.”


Saturday, May 10

Eva Mendes Topless: Finally!

Sadly, it wasn't in good taste. Speaking of good taste..

I've always wanted to go to Italy to try authentic Italian cooking..

The following pictures made me think twice:

The scans were from the latest issue of Italian Vogue.

For the entire set click here

Thursday, May 8


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