Thursday, October 30

Let the 09 NBA Fantasy Season Begin!

Here is my lineup. The first six players were retained from the previous season. Last six are shown according to draft order. I hate that I got stuck with Dunleavy for my first pick - he was the best available player for the first round (previous players taken were Michael Beasley, Hedo Turkoglu, and Tracy McGrady). But I'm psyched about my last pick - so much so that I named my team Moped Mayhem!

Shawn Marion
Yao Ming
Rashard Lewis
Pau Gasol
Brandon Roy
Mike Bibby
Mike Dunleavy
Marvin Williams
Tayshaun Prince
Tyrus Thomas
Boris Diaw
Monta Ellis

Tuesday, October 14

Japanese Game Show and Mercury Poisoning

This is by far the most fun way to damage your central nervous system.

An average 25-watt fluorescent lamp contains approximately 5mg of Mercury.
By my count this dude ran through about 50 lamps - that's a total of 250mg
of Mercury scattered all around the studio and into the lungs of these
silly, silly people. The Japanese really know how to have fun. Even if it
means getting poisoned by a toxic heavy metal compound.

Friday, October 3

Burning of Names during the Ateneo Bonfire

Was this really necessary?

I bet pakana mo to, Kuya.

It's stupid. Stooping down to their level.