Friday, August 17

Ka Gerry: "My Girlfriend is so Funny!"

“My girlfriend is so funny!”

Two words: There’s no such thing. A girl that is funny is either an old friend or a stupid seatmate who hates the boss and always rants about how much work she’s doing while the boss just sits around all day surfing the net. Your oldest friend is funny only because you’ve been friends with her for such a long time that you almost always know what each other is thinking – thus, she is only funny because she thinks like you. Same with your seatmate, you both hate your boss so it’s funny to hear your thoughts through the lips of someone else who might get in trouble for it.

Girls, let me tell you a little secret. If a man laughs around you, it could only mean two things: either he wants to sleep with you or you did something stupid. If you are hot, you can be certain it’s the former. You’re not funny. Your jokes are corny and the delivery is just horrible but a man will still listen to you simply because you’re hot. On the other hand, if you’re not a very attractive woman, a man will only laugh at you because you did something stupid that too him is funny. Let me clarify that, you are not funny, it’s the humiliating yourself part that is funny.

Of course, there will be times, rare times, when your girlfriend can make you laugh with a brilliant joke or a limerick of some kind but that doesn’t make her a funny person. Most of the time, you just smile to applaud the time and effort your girlfriend put in for trying to be funny. It’s cute, yes, but then again not really funny.

Think of it this way, being funny is different from having a sense of humor - having a sense of humor means being able to appreciate funny while being funny means being able to make fun of anything – preferably people - around you. Funny thing is that men are better at making fun of other people (some girls are good at that too but that’s just wrong and mean – that’s why it’s funny to us, men, too); girls, most of them at least, in contrast, are too kind to do that so they make fun of themselves instead, which is exactly the reason why you don’t want a funny girlfriend. People will laugh at her and of course, at her stupid boyfriend as well.
The question really is, why would you need a funny girlfriend for? You get a lot of funny from your friends, colleagues, from TV and Radio, and from everywhere else. What you need is someone you to enjoy these jokes and funny moments with. You can make fun of other people, you can laugh all you want about anything, just make sure that it is at the expense of other people and you will live happily ever after.

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