Tuesday, August 28

APPT-Manila is over. Congratulations, Brett!

Dude, I don't know you but kudos for a job well done! Although it's sad that you're not Asian, it's all good. Especially the fact that you're only 22 - talk about prodigy. But I hope we Pinoys grab the next two legs and represent Asia in the Finals.

Here are the top ten placers here in Manila and the dollars they took home (or squandered on our ladies):

1. Brett Parise (USA) $179,775
2. Ira Blumenthal (Thailand) $113,858
3. Nicholas Bamman (USA) $62,921
4. Van Marcus (Australia) $44,940
5. Maor Feldinger (Isreal) $35,955
6. Roger Spets (Sweden) $26,966
7. Bas van Liere (Netherlands) $20,974
8. Kazuhiro Sato (Japan) $14,981
9. Derrick Hernandez (Philippines) $11,386*
10. Steve Junhee Yea (South Korea) $8,390

*Special mention to Derrick from Baguio! Reprasentingahhh.

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