Wednesday, July 23

Arenas Meets a Rene

Arenas Meets aRini

Dear d'Bench,

I've met my fair share of celebrities: President GMA, Karel Marquez, Richard Gomez, Alfred "Alfie" Vargas, and my favorite, Tita Isabel (Enrique Iglesias' mom). But last July 7, I met the best celebrity of all. My most favorite NBA player in the whole wide world: Gilbert Arenas. I've always been a huge fan of the Washington Wizards/Bullets. Ever since I was an 8-year old boy living in the wonderful city of Burke, Virginia (which is not a farm by the way), I would stay up late just to watch Washington Bullets games on TV. Fast forward 20 years later and I had the chance to meet the current face of the Wizards franchise.

At the Gawad Kalinga Brookside Village where Adidas and Arenas had donated a basketball court, I waited patiently for Agent Zero's interview with a little boy to finish. As I waited, a Solar Sports cameraman switched his attention to me. He shot me wearing my Wizards/Arenas t-shirt and I even did some poses, pointing to his name on the back. I think I looked like an idiot, but who cares. I was on TV. You guys can watch it when it airs on BTV, though I'm not sure when that is. It might have aired already. It's the basketball show with Vito Lazatin and Lia something (former Ateneo on court reporter) as the hosts. I wouldn't know because I no longer have that channel. Sky Cable replaced BTV with Balls, a channel that mostly televises live LPGA Tour events. Oh what joy.

Anyway, when the interview with Arenas and the kid finished, he stood up and started walking towards the court to do some activities. On his way there people started asking for pictures and autographs. He kindly obliged every single one. My mom told me to go get my picture taken with him, so I walked up to him and said "Hey Gilbert, can I have a picture?" I will never forget what he said to me. He said "Oh ok." Wonderful. So I stood next to him and we both made probably the gayest pose ever. But I didn't care. I was in heaven. I think I felt like Manny Pacquiao after he met his idol, Kevin Garnett. But without the fame. And the money. And the sports accolades. And the mustache. So, I guess I felt nothing like Manny Pacquiao. Anyway, that was my Gilbert Arenas experience here in Manila. Oh, I would like to apologize to Alwin San Jose aka Black Bibby for not being able to take his picture with Arenas due to technical difficulties with the camera. Nevertheless, he was still able to get his jersey autographed. Thanks buddy. Next time.


Rene aka Rini

Thursday, July 17

Manila Girls: Ellen Adarna

Ellen Meriam Adarna is Manila’s prettiest girl… of the moment. The “it” girl,
the most “profiled” girl, the girl with the most Googled name (undoubtedly
searched with the keywords “sex scandal” -- perverts!)

Tagged as the Philippines’ Queen of MySpace, she graced the cover
of Uno’s March 2008 issue:

It’s such a shame that the social networking sites mooch off her pretty face.
She could’ve started her own site and earned thousands with nothing but low-quality pictures:

There are currently more than 300 pictures of her scattered all over the internet.
What a waste!

Open Letter to Ms. Ellen Adarna:

Dear Ellen,


Please, START YOUR OWN SITE! Don’t let your pretty face go to waste “Nicole Hernandez”! Be the first non-celebrity pinay to have her own celebrity fansite. It just might work. Be done with the posers, be done with the rumors, and be done with the pinay scandal searches.

Create a Blog! We’d love to hear what you have to say, and see what you have to show, and touch, um, hear what you have to say. Kidding aside, you can earn big money without lifting a finger. We’ll help you build the site. Better yet, we'll run the site for you.