Thursday, January 24


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Tuesday, January 22

Playboy Going Pinoy?

I got the news from Alvs. I don't know much, except that they [whoever they may be] started a blogger site and that the maiden issue comes out April. Wow. Alvs is right. How HUGE is that? A Blogger site? Really?!? Makes one wonder if it's true. Using free web space for news of this magnitude seems fishy to me. But don't get me wrong, I'd love to see who will "top off" this "spread" -- if ya know what I mean. [I bet you do]

Thursday, January 17

Another Pinoy in American Idol!

Renaldo Lapuz is unmistakably Pinoy. Not that we should be proud of it. He's crazy dumb. Very funny though. In case you missed it:

Wednesday, January 16

Filipino Poker Tour

The televised event's gonna be on the 26th of this month. I've been playing the online freeroll satellite for three straight days now. First night I placed in the hundreds I think -- I was not ready and was excited the entire time. Yesterday I placed 35th. Today I placed 17th. Will I place 9th tomorrow and 5th the day after? We'll see. If the trend holds I'll come 1st on the seventh night.

Thursday, January 10

Pacman = Rockstar

Hos all around.. Manny, like Will Ferrell, is da Shit!

Not to hate or anything: the girl's not that pretty: but definitely an upgrade from the missus

THIS ONE'S THE BEST THOUGH: "Kiss ka naman sa camera, Baby"

Monday, January 7

Coming Soon: Semi-Pro

I can't wait. Will Ferrell is da Shit!