Saturday, December 27

On the Bus

To add to Mayn Man's post, here are two pictures I took while commuting to Makati:
mcdo, cheeseburger, mcdonalds, pa-cheeseburger, burger
beside it was..
mcdo, cheeseburger, mcdonalds, pa-cheeseburger, burger, mcdonald's

Friday, December 26

Pinoy Version of Twilight: Takipsilim

twilight, takipsilim, teleserye, primetime bida, rayver cruz, shaina magdayaoThe idiots over at ABS-CBN are at it again. Idiots. See Perez Hilton

Wednesday, December 24

The Complainer 3: Complaining on "Holidays"

If there is one term that I hate more than anything especially during this time is the greeting "Happy Holidays!"

It's disrespectful to the specific occasions held during these time of the year. It's like greeting people with "Great Vacations!". It's stupid. It's Christmas not Holiday. For some people it's Hanukkah, again, not Holiday.

It's bad enough that we've forgotten the real meaning of these occasions but now we've even glossed over their names.

Merry Christmas everybody. I'll punch the face of the next person who greets me Happy Holidays or Season's Greetings.

Noche Buena Tips

[Note: This article came out last December 20, 2008 in The Philippine Star]

Noche Buena Tips by Francis Maynard S. Maleon

Christmas is here once again and a lot of us want to make sure that our families have a good one. As usual, the Noche Buena is the most significant meal during this Christmas Season and we all want it to be as special as possible. At the same time, these days we have to be smart in buying food for our feast as sometimes we buy stuff that we do not really eat. For those of us who want to have a great Noche Buena Feast without breaking our Piggy Banks, here are some tips.

Tip no. 1: Set a Budget

During Christmas Season, we always fall under the “Pasko naman e” mentality. We all know what this is. We buy every food that we like reasoning out that it’s Christmas anyway. While this may be fun while buying the food, it’s not nearly as fun when you check your wallet after. For a family of five to seven, a PhP 1,000.00 peso budget for Noche Buena is just about right.

Tip No. 2: Go shopping for food after you had a meal

One of the worst things that you can do when shopping for Noche Buena food is to go to the grocery when you are starving. This is because when people enter the store with an empty stomach, your mind signals you to buy a lot of food which are in fact related to your current state of hunger and not on what you would want to eat during Noche Buena. What happens is that your stomach takes over your brain and before you know it, your cart is full of non-Noche Buena food stuffs which would either be wasted or consumed before Noche Buena. By eating before going to the grocery, you have a much clearer mind and you can choose the right kinds of food to eat while thinking of sweet baby Jesus.

Tip No. 3: Remember the Food Groups

Another problem that people encounter during grocery shopping for the big day is that everybody just tends to buy their favorite food without thinking of whether or not it would match all the other items in the dining table. This is why we sometimes have pancit and spaghetti as well as other forms of pasta at the same time. Then we have barbecue, porkchop, pork adobo and inihaw na liempo at the same table. While I am sue that you would love and could, much to your heart’s protestations, eat them all, it is nevertheless not a good idea to do so. Always remember that you want variety in your table and not just variety in the way of cooking the same type of food. During Noche Buena, vegetables and seafood like fishes always seem to be forgotten and gets pushed in the background in favor or chicken, pork and beef. Remember that Jesus was born in a manger and Joseph and Mary did not kill the cow, chicken, pig and sheep to celebrate His Birth.

Tip No. 4: That Special Christmas Food

Noche Buena should be special and should rise above those usual celebrations that you have during the year. It should be better than your birthday party because we are celebrating Jesus’ birth here and not a lowly mortal like yourself. To make things distinctly Christmassy you should always have something that would signify that it is a Christmas celebration. Ham for example is one type of food that makes the celebration a little extra Christmassy and would make your feast a true Noche Buena.

Here is a sample of a Noche Buena with a limit at PhP 1,000.00:

Ham- PhP 250 pesos

Chicken barbecue – 6 pieces, leg parts 120 pesos

1 Kilo Rice- 45 pesos

Fish Fillet- 180 pesos

Pancit or Spaghetti – 200 pesos

Juice -60 pesos

Leche Flan -120 pesos.

Noche Buena does not have to be costly to be special. Use your heart when thinking about Jesus this Christmas. For everything else, use your brain.

Thursday, December 11

Random Street/Everyday Pictures

Just random things I see on the street.

Bluish Purple socks tell me that either he's The Joker or he's a Jokla.

This bus I took from Galleria to Cubao (Ibabaw) is the first brand new bus (not Korean hand me downs) I've ever taken.

My Golden Retriever, Goldie, and the cat, Hawn, are best of friends.

A Dog riding a Man riding a bike.

Chicken Inasal anyone?

Look closer.

Vehicular accident C5.

My dog, Kitchie na Dog, studying for the Bar.

Really? This is nationalism?

I can't be sure but I think Chaniel Ramos wrote this.

Taken during the rice crisis.

Blair Witch Project 3: Isawan

Just thought that this guy from Chelsea Lately was wearing a Pacquiao shirt last August.

If your shoes are killing you, you probably bought them here:

Check out the colors of this cat's eyes.

Has it been so rampant that they have to put up a sign?

Thursday, November 27

Twilight - Movie Review

Twilight Nov 25, '08 9:35 PM
for everyone

Category: Movies
Genre: Other

I haven't read the book. Which doen't mean I'm not aware of the hoopla surrounding the book and the movie. So I went in the theater with my girlfriend vaguely knowing what the story is about and having zero expectations.
For the record, my knowledge of the story can be summarized into three things:

1) The guy is a vampire who is unaffected by sunlight.
2) The girl is human.
3) It's a love story between them.

So here we go.

It's very rare that I watch a movie in which I hardly recognize any of the actors. The closest I got to recognizing any of them was Esme Cullen (Elizabeth Reaser) who played Rebecca in Grey's anatomy. The fact that I do not recognize any of them was actually a plus this time as I was able to focus on whether or not they were good in their roles or not.

The lead actors did pretty well especially with the considerable weight of expectations on their shoulders. There was viable chemistry between Bella(Kristin Stewart) and Edward(Robert Pattinson) and in this kind of movie, that is the key. No chemistry, no romantic movie. I only wonder how much of it is acting and how much of it is reality. I've seen both of them on tv and Pattinson looked even more like a vampire in real life. Stewart on the other hand had the exact same "I'm so nervous but I'm not scared" expression the entire time she was being interviewed by Letterman last week.

It was clear that Hardwicke knew the material she was handling when she took on this project. She knew that there was a need to emphasize on the leads' relationship rather than go for some action sequences which came almost as a mere afterthought in the last twenty minutes.

Being that it is an adaptation of a book, I'm sure that there are a lot of parts that were missing. The chief complaints of my girlfriend who did read the book were that the line "Do I dazzle you?" wasn't in the movie and that the girl who played Victoria was less beautiful than expected.

Indeed there were parts of the movie which I found far more interesting than the love story. Dr. Cullen's relationship with his family and how a vampire can be a doctor was something that I wish I knew more about for example.

While there were some cheesy parts (the scene where Edward was telling Bella "As if you can outrun me?!" and so on and so forth while showing his powers was extremely excruciating to watch) the overall feel of the movie was that it was a good start for a franchise. While it did not make me grab my hair at the thought that I can't watch the next movie yet (as I did when Lord of the Rings: FOTR came out), it did make me want to read the book while waiting for the next one.

While Twilight didn't dazzle me, it doesn't mean that it didn't shine.


Friday, November 14

The Complainer: 2nd Edition - Joc Joc and the State of the Philippine Senate

After Joc Joc Bolante appeared before the Senate for the first hearing on the Fertilizer Scam yesterday we finally saw what we all knew all along: the Senate is inept.

Okay let me revise that. We learned two things:

1) Joc Joc is probably lying.

2) Most of our Senators are inept.

Considering that they have about two years to get all the information that they needed and to strategize a plan of attack, what we saw was a bunch of clowns asking inappropriate, off tangent and bridge to nowhere questions (on a side note, I would like to take credit for being the first person to use the term "bridge to nowhere" when describing a question that does not lead to anything). Let's examine some of hem.

Jinggoy Estrada - Estrada berated Joc Joc for having a bunch of people behind him, some of whom were his counsels. According to Estrada, "Kahit 20 o 50 pa na abogado ang dalhin mo, mahuhuli ka rin kung nagsisinungaling ka." This is true, by the way, and he should know. His father, Ex-President Erap Estrada had the top litigator in the country in Estelito Mendoza and Former Chief Justice Andres Narvasa in his dream team and still lost, both in the eyes of the public and in court.

Mar Roxas - Senator Roxas, a leading presidential candidate, began by questioning Bolante on his qualifications as to his position. Roxas was insinuating that Bolante got his position, undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, because he had connections in the Palace. This is one of those "bridge to nowhere" questions. We all know that the President has prerogative as to who she will appoint in the cabinet and whoever he is, so long as he is qualified for the job, cannot be questioned. Are we supposed to believe that the President will appoint someone that he or she does not know when the position is rife of his trust and confidence? Yes, he is connected but such a situation is permissible in light of the sensitivity of the position.

Can we please stop this argument that a person got taken out of his appointive position because the one replacing him is well-connected? In the first place, the outgoing person also got his position because he is well-connected so he really should not be allowed to complain if he is replaced for similar reasons. Hope you're reading, Dean Pangalangan.

Roxas had another trick up his sleeve, asking Bolante something like "When did the President approve the use of this fund for her election campaign?" It was a loaded question and it could have been tricky if only Bolante was a 6 year old boy and could not therefore see the trap. But Bolante is not a 6 year old boy and calmly sidestepped the question which also gave him the opportunity to give a statement exculpating GMA on everything.

The other senators are grossly incapable of coming up with good questions that would really reveal anything of substance. Some of our best senators preferred to take the emotional route, feigning surprise or showcasing over the top anger at some of Bolante's statements. What is really surprising is that after all the wait, they were unable to extract anything. What is really infuriating is how these Senators would simply dismiss that Bolante is Lying despite the fact that they couldn't squeeze anything out of the guy. Instead they wound up showing to the people that Bolante is smarter than them and herein lies the problem of the Philippine Senate.

The people in the appointive position are mostly qualified for their jobs while several of our lawmakers are in over their heads. When the two meet, like in a Senate hearing, our lawmakers find themselves outgunned, outmaneuvered and outplayed by their less illustrious public servants.

We ask the Senate for help yet what we get is a bunch of clowns acting cardboard cut characters.

There's the Vengeful Son who will do anything to destroy his father's conqueror (Jinggoy).

There's the Irritable Veteran who believes that she's smarter than everyone else and felt that she's been cheated all her life of things that she believes she deserves (Miriam).

There's the Ambitious Hotshot with the admirable lineage who wants to earn his stripes by using bookish methods in the battlefield (Roxas).

There's the Crusading Cop intent on throwing bombs in the hopes that it will bring down his enemies as well as cover up his own dirty laundry.

There's the New Kid on the Block who talks so smooth that it covers the sometimes lack of substance in his arguments. (Escudero)

We need for our Senators to perform better than they have and if they cannot then we need better people altogether. It's maddening to watch the Senate hearing because it looks like we gave all our weapons to people who cannot shoot a sitting duck. We waited two years for this and it looks like the duck is winning the fight. They cannot catch him so they'll say to the reporters "He is obviously lying" or that he is "Unbelievable" just so they can cover up their inability. It's like they're saying: Basta obvious!

Former Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. said that Bolante may have been able to prepare for the questions because of the two weeks he stayed in St. Luke's. Let's say he did prepare for two weeks. Still, that is not an excuse for the Senate's failure being that there are about two dozen of them with all their staff and had TWO YEARS to prepare for this hearing.

If any of you do not believe how inept our Senate has been, here's a statement from one of our Senators as to how the hearing went: "We are still hoping that he will have a change of heart."

Read that again. And again. Our Senate is now relying on a "change of heart" to extract information. If this was a murder case, it would be tantamount to the prosecution hoping that the accused will confess to the crime because they cannot prove it by themselves.

Senator Jinggoy is correct. No matter how many lawyers you have, you will get caught if you lie. That is of course, IF you have competent people trying to catch you.

Tuesday, November 4

NOW SELLING - The Address at Wack Wack

We invite you to avail of the initial offering of our boutique-hotel inspired condominium project destined to redefine upscale cosmopolitan living
The Address at Wack Wack
The Address is a 32-storey upscale residential condominium located in front of the famous Wack Wack Golf & Country Club. Our location is metrocentric - minutes away from Makati CBD, Ortigas CBD, Araneta Center, Bonifacio Global City, and even Downtown Manila. Live within a community of valued establishments: Shopping Malls/Restaurants, Exclusive Schools, Churches, and Hospitals. Wack Wack Road is a very private, low-traffic street - you are assured of security and convenience.

All units are delivered finished with high-end materials. For every room in your unit, you will be given a parking slot (e.g. 1-BR unit has 1 parking slot, 2-BR has 2 slots, and 3-BR has 3 slots). We also have Garden and Penthouse units. Amenities include: Infinity Edge Pool overlooking the golf course, Grand Reception Lobby, kiddie pool, floating deck, pool bar, fitness center, game room, multi-purpose halls/decks.

Introductory Price: 68,000-75,000 per square meter (inclusive of VAT and other charges - 40% cheaper than comparable projects)

This is your last chance to own a newly developed property in Wack Wack!

*for inquiries, please leave a comment

Thursday, October 30

Let the 09 NBA Fantasy Season Begin!

Here is my lineup. The first six players were retained from the previous season. Last six are shown according to draft order. I hate that I got stuck with Dunleavy for my first pick - he was the best available player for the first round (previous players taken were Michael Beasley, Hedo Turkoglu, and Tracy McGrady). But I'm psyched about my last pick - so much so that I named my team Moped Mayhem!

Shawn Marion
Yao Ming
Rashard Lewis
Pau Gasol
Brandon Roy
Mike Bibby
Mike Dunleavy
Marvin Williams
Tayshaun Prince
Tyrus Thomas
Boris Diaw
Monta Ellis

Tuesday, October 14

Japanese Game Show and Mercury Poisoning

This is by far the most fun way to damage your central nervous system.

An average 25-watt fluorescent lamp contains approximately 5mg of Mercury.
By my count this dude ran through about 50 lamps - that's a total of 250mg
of Mercury scattered all around the studio and into the lungs of these
silly, silly people. The Japanese really know how to have fun. Even if it
means getting poisoned by a toxic heavy metal compound.

Friday, October 3

Burning of Names during the Ateneo Bonfire

Was this really necessary?

I bet pakana mo to, Kuya.

It's stupid. Stooping down to their level.

Tuesday, September 23

Ateneo Block Party

uaap, finals, ateneo, admu, la salle, dlsu, wesley gonzales, mac cardona, nonoy baclao, rico maierhofer, supalpal, piso, block

go to BenchBlog

Thursday, September 18

Help Me, Help You

Please help.

I'm looking for an apartment in Metro Manila. I'm going back there as soon as I find a place. I need a 2-bedroom with garage, and the landlord should also allow dogs inside. I'm bringing my boys with me - Nikolai and Mogie, not the retrievers. Wala naman ako preference sa location. Kahit saan! Haha.. Mas OK kung neighbors tayo!

So if you know a place,
ring me, text me, or leave a comment.



Friday, September 5

Introducing the Oklahoma City Thunder

Lame. But at least now there are four "singular word"-named teams in the NBA. The Heat, the Jazz, the Magic, and now the Thunder. Nice. Who gives a shit?! Look at this starting lineup: Earl Watson, Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Nick Collison, Johan Petro.. exciting.

In other NBA news/rumors,
there's been a buzz going around
that Kobe wants to test
the European waters in 2011.
I'd say go for it.

Two words: Salary Cap.

Iskul Bukol Reunion

Pacman vs Golden Boy
will NOT be the biggest event this December.

The Tito, Vic, and Joey trio are now working on a reunion movie for the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival. The tentative title is Escaleras and Ungasis: 20 Years After. For those not familiar, the Escalera brothers Tito and Joey and their friend Vic Ungasis are the trio of main characters of Iskul Bukol - a now defunct TV series that was a huge hit in the Philippines during the 70s and 80s. The show made the TVJ trio into a local household name.

The script was written by fellow cast member Bibeth Orteza. Joining them will be their favorite teacher Miss Tapia (Mely Tagasa). Other characters who might reprise their role are Tonette Macho (Anthony Roquel) who is still part of GMA's production staff, and Ariel Villasanta of the famous Ariel and Maverick comedy duo.

Two words:
Iskul F*ckin' Bukol.

Thursday, August 28

UPDATED: Pacman - Golden Boy in December

More details to follow tomorrow when the match
is officially announced. For now, let us "enjoy"
these amazing boxing photos of the Golden Boy
in fishnet and panties.

No one knows how much Pacman is going to pocket in this blockbuster fight. The only thing for sure is that it's worth at least a billion pesos - good enough pay to make Manny quit boxing altogether. He would quit for a much smaller amount - we all know where Pacman's heart belongs. As soon as the deal was inked, Pacquaio was already tracing his way back to that other famous local ring - Philippine politics.

Let's face it.. Pacman will very likely receive permanent damage after this fight. Although Golden Gay over here is past his prime he is still Oscar de la Hoya, the only boxer in history to win six belts in six weight divisions. He is still much bigger than Manny. There's a reason why boxing has weight divisions, and this fight simply goes beyond that. It's not a boxing fight. It's a worldwide entertainment event - the biggest one in recent Filipino history.

If Money Pacquaio wins: 1) he sets his name in stone as a boxing legend, 2) we will be proud of him, 3) he will get his money, and 4) he will run for office. Even if he loses we will still be proud of him and he will still get his money. He may or may not fight again, but surely he will still run for office. Win or lose, it's the school we choose.

Monday, August 25

2008 Olympics Men's Basketball Gold Medal Going to Casino

jason kidd, team usa, wynn casino, gold medal, beijing olympics, mens basketball, usa, spainJason Kidd is throwing away
his gold medal to Wynn's Casino
owner Steve Wynn's wife
as payment for a three week stay
at one of their resorts.

Apparently, that's how
Kidd defines "Redemption."

shaq, shaquille o'neal, phoenix suns, la lakers, miami heat, dwayne wade, maryjane, shaw divorce, divorce, alexis miller, rapper, atlanta, restraining orderAn Atlanta rapper named
Maryjane has filed
a restraining order
against Phoenix Suns
center Shaquille O'Neal,
who has been stalking and
threatening her since their
romantic escapade ended a
month ago.

According to the poor
23 year old, Diesel
has been harassing her
with lewd phone calls
in the middle of the night
- the girl said that the calls
involved a lot of "heavy breathing."

rudy fernandez, portland trailblazers, blazers, spain, spanish team, olympics, gold medal, silver medal, dunk, dwight howard, supermanSpanish guard Rudy Fernandez
made a huge impact in the
2008 Beijing Olympics
Men's Basketball Gold Medal
game yesterday.

The 6 foot 5 guard scored
22 points and sunk 5 three
pointers, including a late bucket
that kept Spain alive
in the closing minutes.

And did I mention
he posterized Dwight Howard?

Wednesday, August 13

Boracay LOOONG Weekend

boracay, long weekend, bank holiday, white beach, station 1
Who's coming? Le's GO!

I'll be there with my boss on Friday, August 15th 'til Tuesday. Let's hang out girls and boys. I'll probably work in the morning but if you ask me to go out I won't think twice, ya heard?!

Wednesday, August 6

Manila Girls: Hollmann Twins

Here is what we know about these two lovely girls:

They are twins
They are commercial models
They are now part of GMA Artist Center
They were former Star Circle National Teen Quest questors
They were part of a little known TV program called “The Debutante”
They were part of a little known independent movie called “Baby Angelo”


I’ve had a crush on them since I first saw them on TV. I don’t even remember when that was, but definitely when they were still young. And now I feel like a "mezzo-pedophile" (not dirty but sinful in a venial way)

Here are some pictures that I grabbed from KC’s Multiply and Zek Constantino’s Flickr:

While writing this blog, two random memories came to me. First was a TV interview wherein they said they made a promise to each other not to have any kind of romantic relationship until after school. That's none of our business so let's move on. The second one is a meeting of sorts. Although fairly recent, this is a vague memory so humor me... We were driving through a sidestreet in Katipunan (the one across Gate 3, the exact same street I skipped happily on to play CounterStrike with my [GAY] friends back in college, that I didn't even bother to know the name, and just like in any other entry I digress) when I saw the two sisters walking towards Esteban Abada. I don’t like using this term, but O. M. G! I was eye to eye with Bebs... or KC – and it felt like it lasted for more than a minute (which is long enough to be offensive). I don't know if it was the proverbial "time slows down" moment or this is just me trying to create drama, but that's just the good part of this memory. The bad part is the window tint is not dark enough to cover my shameless face.

Open Letter to Ms. KC and/or Bebs Hollmann:

Dear KC/Bebs,

Sorry. It was not an intended stare.


Wednesday, July 23

Arenas Meets a Rene

Arenas Meets aRini

Dear d'Bench,

I've met my fair share of celebrities: President GMA, Karel Marquez, Richard Gomez, Alfred "Alfie" Vargas, and my favorite, Tita Isabel (Enrique Iglesias' mom). But last July 7, I met the best celebrity of all. My most favorite NBA player in the whole wide world: Gilbert Arenas. I've always been a huge fan of the Washington Wizards/Bullets. Ever since I was an 8-year old boy living in the wonderful city of Burke, Virginia (which is not a farm by the way), I would stay up late just to watch Washington Bullets games on TV. Fast forward 20 years later and I had the chance to meet the current face of the Wizards franchise.

At the Gawad Kalinga Brookside Village where Adidas and Arenas had donated a basketball court, I waited patiently for Agent Zero's interview with a little boy to finish. As I waited, a Solar Sports cameraman switched his attention to me. He shot me wearing my Wizards/Arenas t-shirt and I even did some poses, pointing to his name on the back. I think I looked like an idiot, but who cares. I was on TV. You guys can watch it when it airs on BTV, though I'm not sure when that is. It might have aired already. It's the basketball show with Vito Lazatin and Lia something (former Ateneo on court reporter) as the hosts. I wouldn't know because I no longer have that channel. Sky Cable replaced BTV with Balls, a channel that mostly televises live LPGA Tour events. Oh what joy.

Anyway, when the interview with Arenas and the kid finished, he stood up and started walking towards the court to do some activities. On his way there people started asking for pictures and autographs. He kindly obliged every single one. My mom told me to go get my picture taken with him, so I walked up to him and said "Hey Gilbert, can I have a picture?" I will never forget what he said to me. He said "Oh ok." Wonderful. So I stood next to him and we both made probably the gayest pose ever. But I didn't care. I was in heaven. I think I felt like Manny Pacquiao after he met his idol, Kevin Garnett. But without the fame. And the money. And the sports accolades. And the mustache. So, I guess I felt nothing like Manny Pacquiao. Anyway, that was my Gilbert Arenas experience here in Manila. Oh, I would like to apologize to Alwin San Jose aka Black Bibby for not being able to take his picture with Arenas due to technical difficulties with the camera. Nevertheless, he was still able to get his jersey autographed. Thanks buddy. Next time.


Rene aka Rini

Thursday, July 17

Manila Girls: Ellen Adarna

Ellen Meriam Adarna is Manila’s prettiest girl… of the moment. The “it” girl,
the most “profiled” girl, the girl with the most Googled name (undoubtedly
searched with the keywords “sex scandal” -- perverts!)

Tagged as the Philippines’ Queen of MySpace, she graced the cover
of Uno’s March 2008 issue:

It’s such a shame that the social networking sites mooch off her pretty face.
She could’ve started her own site and earned thousands with nothing but low-quality pictures:

There are currently more than 300 pictures of her scattered all over the internet.
What a waste!

Open Letter to Ms. Ellen Adarna:

Dear Ellen,


Please, START YOUR OWN SITE! Don’t let your pretty face go to waste “Nicole Hernandez”! Be the first non-celebrity pinay to have her own celebrity fansite. It just might work. Be done with the posers, be done with the rumors, and be done with the pinay scandal searches.

Create a Blog! We’d love to hear what you have to say, and see what you have to show, and touch, um, hear what you have to say. Kidding aside, you can earn big money without lifting a finger. We’ll help you build the site. Better yet, we'll run the site for you.


Friday, June 27

Best Way to Upgrade Your iPhone

If you are currently using an iPhone in the Philippines, then you're using a Jailbroken phone. To enjoy all the capabilities of your Jailbroken iPhone, you must have the latest firmware version installed. You CANNOT do that using iTunes. That will just F* your phone up!!!

If you're already on 1.1.4, then congratulations -- you're iPhone is updated to the latest version (pretty soon 2.0 will be out but that doesn't mean that it's the best version for a Jailbroken phone). If you don't know which version you are on, check it on your iPhone under Settings > General > About. If you're not on 1.1.4 then read on.

I have gone through a lot of sites researching the best way to upgrade. There are different ways of doing it, all of which are dependent on which type of iPhone you are using. I'm not gonna go into the details of that since it will not matter -- that's why this is the best method to use!

Most sites will tell you to use ZiPhone, as it's free and easy to use. But not all will tell you exactly how to use it. Experience is the best teacher. I just finished upgrading and I am so amazed at how simple the process is that I just have to share it:

1. Download the firmware here. Don't open it with iTunes yet, just save the file. Don't worry, this is not malware. It will not F* your PC up. If you want to look for the firmware on your own, be my guest.

2. Download ZiPhone 3.0 here. ZiPhone is THE BEST IPHONE UPGRADE PROGRAM EVER! It can prepare your phone for upgrade, jailbreak it so you can use third party apps, and unlock your phone for use in any country. If you want more info, you can visit the official site here.

3. Install and Open ZiPhone.

4. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB.

5. Open iTunes and Create a Backup of your phone:

Go to Edit > Preferences > Syncing: There you will see the last backup file created for your phone. If you want to create a new one (recommended), delete the old one, click OK, and Sync your phone.

6. On ZiPhone click the Prepare for Upgrade button. Wait for the process to finish. It takes less than 10 minutes.

7. Go to iTunes, PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT, then click Restore. Browse to the previously downloaded firmware file (Step 1) and Restore your iPhone to the latest firmware version (1.1.4). It's normal that your SIM will not work after this step.

8. On ZiPhone click the Do it all! button and you're done. You now have a working SIM on a Jailbroken iPhone that's upgraded to the latest firmware version.

Much deserved praise should go to ZiPhone's creator, Zibri. You, my dear Sir, are the man.

Free Poker Channel!

Watch Poker games, news, and highlights. Free! What?!

Check out the video on the left

Thanks to for the great stream

Wednesday, June 25

Shaq Freestyle Kobe Diss

I must admit, that's some good rappin. But to say that Kobe can't do it without Shaq. I mean come on. COME-mah ON-nah.

Shaq won four titles. 3 with Kobe. 1 with a HEALTHY Dwayne Wade. Then what? He couldn't get past the first round. If Shaq was not traded to the Suns he wouldn't even be in the playoffs this year.

It's a fact. Kobe still hasn't won without Shaq. But at least he had a chance this year. The Lakers are the defending champions of the West. They have something to bring this November. As for Shaq, I'll be very surprised if he finished the regular season.

Monday, June 23

Post Ads!!!

I am going to reserve the entire left side of the site for ads. If anyone is interested please leave a comment on this entry. Thanks!

Monday, June 16

Spread the word!

Support starving writers and artists! Spread the word - or join us!

Thursday, June 12

Tha Carter III

Lil Wayne's latest album is now available. Download it.

Though he's not as diverse as Kanye (no one is), Weezy is one of the few unique talents out there. And as a testament to his greatness, Tha Carter III sold more than 400,000 copies in its first day (a little less than Mariah's last album). He's definitely on pace to reach last year's record holder - K-West's Graduation which sold 957,000 on its first week.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

Thursday, June 5

Nice Tats

Yes, not tits.. tats.

This is one of the best ink I've ever seen. I apologize for the nipples.