Thursday, August 30


One of my favorite scenes in the movie:

Brian Fantana:"Time to musk up."
Ron Burgundy:"Wow... Never ceases to amaze me. What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman, or wait. No, no, no. Hold on. Blackbeard's Delight."
Brian Fantana:"No, she gets a special cologne. It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries. Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good."
Ron Burgundy:"It's quite pungent."
Brian Fantana:"Oh yeah."
Ron Burgundy:"It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. In a good way."
Brian Fantana:"Yep."
Ron Burgundy:"Brian, I'm gonna be honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline."
Brian Fantana:"They've done studies you know. 60% of the time, it works every time."
Ron Burgundy:"That doesn't make sense."

The Wilyonaryo Fiasco

Willie Revillame is fake. As Joey de Leon aptly stated, "Aralin mong umiyak nang may luha. [Learn how to cry with tears]" Contrary to what Willie said, he wasn't defending himself. Again, like in so many other instances, Willie falls back to grandstanding what he arguably stands for - helping the poor and bringing joy to their lives."Alam mo ba ginagawa ko dito? Para malaman mo lang; hindi ko sinusumbat to. Bahay, sa kwarto at studio lang ako. Nandun lng ako sa loob ng kwarto ko mag-isa -- iniisip ko kung ano gagawin ko ulit para mapasaya ang buong mundo [Do you know what I do here? Just so you'll know; not to brag. House, my room, and studio. I'm just there inside my room alone -- thinking of what I can do to make the whole world happy]," says Willie. That's a lot to bear, Mr. Savior. Besides, that wasn't the issue. People weren't questioning your motives. They were looking for an explanation. You say that Joey de Leon is making it personal between the two of you. I believe it's the other way around.

Wednesday, August 29

Something for Nothing 2

Just finished playing a $1.00+0.10 tourney at PokerStars. Finished 2nd overall. $160.44! By far the biggest I've won playing poker online. Next best is $34, which I got playing 4,051 opponents. This time I had to deal with only 1,411. Haha.

Down to the last two, my opponent had a small advantage in chips:
We battled blinds for about ten to twenty minutes when finally a hand came: JJ. I made a standard raise of about 4 times the blinds. Got re-raised. I pushed all my chips in. Got called by Ah - 2h. Flop came K J T, turn X [I forgot], river Q! Argh.

Tuesday, August 28

APPT-Manila is over. Congratulations, Brett!

Dude, I don't know you but kudos for a job well done! Although it's sad that you're not Asian, it's all good. Especially the fact that you're only 22 - talk about prodigy. But I hope we Pinoys grab the next two legs and represent Asia in the Finals.

Here are the top ten placers here in Manila and the dollars they took home (or squandered on our ladies):

1. Brett Parise (USA) $179,775
2. Ira Blumenthal (Thailand) $113,858
3. Nicholas Bamman (USA) $62,921
4. Van Marcus (Australia) $44,940
5. Maor Feldinger (Isreal) $35,955
6. Roger Spets (Sweden) $26,966
7. Bas van Liere (Netherlands) $20,974
8. Kazuhiro Sato (Japan) $14,981
9. Derrick Hernandez (Philippines) $11,386*
10. Steve Junhee Yea (South Korea) $8,390

*Special mention to Derrick from Baguio! Reprasentingahhh. APPT-Seoul Freeroll

Although the Manila leg is over, our quest for Asian poker supremacy is far from over. Freerolls for the APPT-Seoul have been running and will be running until the 15th of September over at Just like the Manila Freerolls, the multi-table freezeout starts at 7pm - with over 300 players per night vying for the ten seats to the 2nd Round on Sept. 16.

Les Pairs

I have to comment on this. There's this one player at PokerStars whose picture displays snowmen [pair 8]. The name -- les pairs. From Ottawa. Love it!

The Hills Are Alive

..with the sound of music. By hills I meant the blog; by the sound of music I meant nothing. After some misunderstanding with Blogger people, the site is back on. Apparently the site was tagged as spamming. I don't know how that happened but fortunately it wasn't the case. No spamming, no spyware, no problem!

So let's continue our blogging ways, my great authors!

By the way, we will be moving to a new location. Once I finish spending all my dollars at PokerStars! I promise to keep you all posted on that -- and on the new location. lol-u

Tuesday, August 21

The Metro Php20,000 Freeroll

The Metro is having it's first Freeroll Tournament tonight. Prize pool is a guaranteed Php20K! First come, first served. 50 players maximum. Oh how I would love to play!

From 45 to 100

Last night Mr. 45K played his seat [which he won the night before] in the level 2 satellite for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. He was chip leader of the 5-player final table when he made the offer: They get the seats [4 total], he gets Php100,000. Good deal! 5th place was supposed to receive 37.5K. Since he wouldn't be able to play in the main event, 45K opted for the money and the new monicker. Congratulations, Mr. 100K!

Monday, August 20

Saturday, August 18

Orgasmic shot...

Need I say more?

Thank You, Mentos

I would like to thank Perfetti Van Melle for giving me an Xbox 360.

I think it was a month ago when I got the call from Xylee that I had a letter from Perfetti. I was in Fontana then, attending a friend's wedding. "Perfetti?," I asked.

"Perfetti Van Melle," said Xylee.

"Van Melle, the creators of Mentos?"

Initially I thought it was an invitation for an event. Or maybe an interview schedule for a job opening. And so I told Xylee to read it for me.

"Congratulations! You have just won a Microsoft Xbox!" Yey! Yeyeyeyeyey! Six yeys after.. Xbox.. That's it? I would like to have fries with that please. And by fries I meant 360. "Nope. That's it. Microsoft Xbox." Damn. Oh well, it's still free! Maybe I can sell it and buy myself something useful.

The day came for me to pick-up the prize. Excitement level was at a minimum. Add to that the time it took for the lady to get my prize.. I was practically sedated. But not for long.. Here comes the prize: Kaboom. There was a 360 after all. Not only was I excited, I was rudely impetuous. I kept thinking that there was some sort of mistake. The 360 belonged to someone else. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Before you realize it's not really mine.

"Kindly sign here," she said.

The two ends of my mouth sliced my face in half. I couldn't help it.

Friday, August 17

Ka Gerry: "My Girlfriend is so Funny!"

“My girlfriend is so funny!”

Two words: There’s no such thing. A girl that is funny is either an old friend or a stupid seatmate who hates the boss and always rants about how much work she’s doing while the boss just sits around all day surfing the net. Your oldest friend is funny only because you’ve been friends with her for such a long time that you almost always know what each other is thinking – thus, she is only funny because she thinks like you. Same with your seatmate, you both hate your boss so it’s funny to hear your thoughts through the lips of someone else who might get in trouble for it.

Girls, let me tell you a little secret. If a man laughs around you, it could only mean two things: either he wants to sleep with you or you did something stupid. If you are hot, you can be certain it’s the former. You’re not funny. Your jokes are corny and the delivery is just horrible but a man will still listen to you simply because you’re hot. On the other hand, if you’re not a very attractive woman, a man will only laugh at you because you did something stupid that too him is funny. Let me clarify that, you are not funny, it’s the humiliating yourself part that is funny.

Of course, there will be times, rare times, when your girlfriend can make you laugh with a brilliant joke or a limerick of some kind but that doesn’t make her a funny person. Most of the time, you just smile to applaud the time and effort your girlfriend put in for trying to be funny. It’s cute, yes, but then again not really funny.

Think of it this way, being funny is different from having a sense of humor - having a sense of humor means being able to appreciate funny while being funny means being able to make fun of anything – preferably people - around you. Funny thing is that men are better at making fun of other people (some girls are good at that too but that’s just wrong and mean – that’s why it’s funny to us, men, too); girls, most of them at least, in contrast, are too kind to do that so they make fun of themselves instead, which is exactly the reason why you don’t want a funny girlfriend. People will laugh at her and of course, at her stupid boyfriend as well.
The question really is, why would you need a funny girlfriend for? You get a lot of funny from your friends, colleagues, from TV and Radio, and from everywhere else. What you need is someone you to enjoy these jokes and funny moments with. You can make fun of other people, you can laugh all you want about anything, just make sure that it is at the expense of other people and you will live happily ever after.

Nokia Battery Replacement

Apparently the exploding Nokia phone battery is not an isolated case. Nokia already announced that due to some supplier blunder, around 46 million BL-5C batteries manufactured for their cellphones are prone to overheating. Over 100 incidents worldwide had already been reported. One of which was the old lady on the local news who was crying over what could've been the life-ending demise of her granddaughter. "What if our house burned down?" [or something like that] Not very unlikely especially if you are one of those owners who leave their phones charging overnight. And so to keep us from possible harm Nokia will replace all of the said batteries.

The BL-5C was used for these relatively popular cellphone models:
Nokia 2300, Nokia 2300c, Nokia 3100, Nokia 6030, 6230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N91, Nokia E50, Nokia E60

For a complete list of cellphones and the corresponding necessary steps for replacement click here.

Thursday, August 16

Suddenly Craving for Manila

After going through this blog, reading and reminiscing, this sudden craving for all things 'Manila' came over me. I miss hanging out with old friends (not that my friends here are aren't great though, but high school and college peers are just sui generis), the Katipunan traffic, watching movies in Eastwood or Rockwell, Dencio's sisig, CHOCNUT!!!!...sigh..the list goes on and on. And the mini Philippine Flag stuck on my monitor doesn't help tame the homesickness at all. Funny how one can have more national pride living 20,000 miles away...I guess distance really makes the heart grow fonder.

Wednesday, August 15

Please support! Rockwell Urban Bazaar this weekend!

One of my best friends and our batchmate, Mads, will have a stall at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar this weekend. She'll be selling really pretty clothes.:) I'll be there Sunday morning til around mid-afternoon helping her sell her stuff. It'd be great if you guys could drop by the bazaar, even just for moral support.

Girls, I'm sure there'll be loads of cool finds. Boys with girlfriends and/or wives (haha), tell them to go! Single boys, for sure there'll be loads of hot chicks. Hehe. I'm sure there'll be some stuff for guys din.

See you!


This rainy season, experience a storm of stylish shopping selections including fab designs by Madhuri Hemandas at the Rockwell URBAN BAZAAR, Rockwell Tent this Saturday and Sunday, Aug 18-19, 10am-8pm! This is definitely THE place to be this weekend! Spread the word and see you there!

Something for Nothing

Just finished playing's $250 FPP [Frequent Player Points] Freeroll. Won 1st place! $34.51! hahaha.. Yesssssssssss!! There were 4,015 entrants and I outdrew them all! I'm so lucky today. Let's hope I win tonight's APPT Satellite. 6:11pm: Alas! There's no satellite today.

No Classic

Argh! It's the Qtv version! Premiere episode guests were Francine Prieto, Rochelle Pangilinan, and Gaynier Castillo. Nobody cares. I want to see more of Takeshi!

Tuesday, August 14


After a short stint in Qtv, GMA will air Takeshi's Castle on its main channel starting tomorrow at 11:30am [right before Eat Bulaga!] For those of you who only remember Takeshi's Castle as the old IBC13 show starring Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manoloto, there is a newer version where Joey de Leon played Shintaro "Taru" Gokoyami [haha.. I'll let you figure that out]. Although it was definitely an upgrade, this version showed a lot more sketches and a lot less Takeshi's Castle. Hopefully tomorrow's premiere won't disappoint and revert back to the TBS original. APPT Freeroll

Hah! I placed better this time.. 25th! Went in with A9. Got called by AQ. Ass.

Just Can Thought

In poker, do they call them running cards because they're harder to catch?

Yes, you can add photos!

Guys, you can directly add photos to the bench photos section. I've already added the new photos from Lito and Chonx.

Monday, August 13

Jas an observations...

Last Monday Night, for lack of anything better to do, I watched the WNBA on BTV. I forgot which teams were playing. Anyway, there was this player who was making almost all her shots. Of course, she was black. Her name was Tan White. Hahaha. Black, named Tan White... Determining her color is almost as difficult as Arcilla trying to alphabetically seat Villamor Rosete in History class...

Tomtom in Puerto Galera

The Old Man and the Sea

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time. Impossible as it may seem but I wish I could. So bad.

Seems like only yesterday...

These were taken two years ago… Maynard's throwing a party soon. We'll have more pictures after that. APPT Freeroll

Argh! I finished 27th last night. Went all-in with AK and got called by a suited A5. 5 paired. Ass.

Sunday, August 12

Balls of Fury

Stars Dan Fogler [WHO??], Maggie Q, and my boi Christopher Walken. Movie looks hardcore.

Watch the other trailers on various pingpong techniques!

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Together with Jason "Earl Hickey" Lee.

Superbad Trailer

A must see! ..on DVD

Saturday, August 11

Family Guy

When you go to youtube and search family guy this is what you get. So why go to youtube? Just watch them here. After the first clip all the other clips will be available for viewing. Clips are arranged according to number of views.

Who's Next? Allan Houston!

"It's something I'd like to do," Houston said. "It's just a matter of getting myself back in game shape and getting used to playing again."

He might play for Cleveland, New York, or Dallas [possibly with Chris Webber]. Houston [Allan] has had bad rep since getting his huge $20M annual salary contract and refusing knee surgery prior to the 04-05 season. What a douche.

No one's gonna pay much for an aging douche so hopefully he's in it to win. Hopefully. I'm not buying it so hopefully he joins Dallas.


Friday, August 10

Penny Hardaway to reunite with Shaq

Former Superstar Anfernee Hardaway will play for the Heat this coming season. Penny is 36 year old. Much, much younger compared 42 year old Reggie Miller who is planning to join the C's. Workouts have been great so there is a big chance we'll be seeing more playing time for the star. That, and the likely sitouts for Dwayne Wade. Last time we saw Penny on the court was in 2005 when he played 4 games for Orlando. He was waived.

Ivanka Trump

25 years old. Senior Vice-President of Real Estate Development. Got her looks from mom. [click for larger picture]

Thursday, August 9

Reggie Miller returning.. to Boston?

Rumors are going around that former NBA Superstar Reggie Miller is set to return to the hardcourt. But not as a Pacer.

Reports are that the sweet-shooting skeleton of a baller is contemplating on playing with the Celtics -- joining Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers asked him to play as backup for above mentioned Mr. Jesus Shuttlesworth [Allen]. Not bad considering a possible championship with a monster lineup.

Take it, Reggie! A possible first ring for all of you and a fairytale ending for your career.

My first blog post... ever

This is my first blog post... ever.

APPT Level 1 Satellite

Tonight will be at Checkpoint Louie's Bar, 208 Doña Soledad Extension, Bicutan. Buy-in is Php1400+100.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Manila will be hosting the first leg of the first ever "three-legged" tournament. Buy-in for the Main Event is a beggarly $2,500. For cheap lemons, Level 1 Satellites are being held at different locations around Metro Manila [Sidespin, Capone's, UCC, Can't-Remember-The-Rest] with a buy-in of Php1,400+100. Winners of Level 1 move on to -- yep, you guessed it -- Level 2, buy-in for which is Php12,500+. Those who advance from here get a seat to the Main Event -- like winning $2,500 = Php114,450.

For even cheaper lemons like myself, main sponsor offers Freeroll tournaments everyday at 7pm. The top 10 of each tournament moves on to compete for the Main Event seat. Today I finished 63rd out of 210. I lasted an hour and a half and got knocked out playing pocket 10s against ladies. I lost to a fellow Pinoy residing in Korea -- who cares?? I digress.

Wednesday, August 8

And so we begin..

I have been working on this for quite some time now. Since I have been "very" "busy" "lately," it's a good thing Nikolai was in a howling mood very early this morning. After I helped them relieve themselves I "tried" to get back to sleep.. a long sequence of twists and turns later I finally "woke up" and headed straight to the laptop.

And so the BenchBlog begins..

If I did this correctly, this blog will be sent to our yahoogroup. And so I am now inviting you benchers to post blogs of any topic under the sun [and the moon during nighttime].