Sunday, March 30

Team Liboro - ABL Champs!

kIt took the combined forces of Team Ibuyan and Team Liboro to finally get them over the hump. Team Liboro capped an undefeated season with a 64-49 victory over Team Faura to bring home the championship after 3 heartbreaking losses in previous finals appearances.

Despite beating Team Faura in the elimination round, Team Liboro knew they shouldn't take them lightly as the previous encounter was close up until the final minute. And it looked as though they were headed for a 4th heartbreaking finals loss early on as Team Faura raced to an early 9 point lead in the opening minutes of the 1st quarter. If not for the hot shooting of division MVP "Daddy" Ben Ibuyan, Team Liboro could have been in a much deeper hole. They were able to cut into the lead and keep the game close throughout the first half with contributions from Miko "B Diddy" Borra, King "White Asoro" Dy, and Carlo "Jamario" Buan.
In the 3rd quarter, the game went back and forth with neither team leading by more than 3 points. However, an injury to Mythical Five member Cyrill "Black Superman" Del Rosario seemed to fire up the team as they were able to extend the lead to 9 on consecutive 3-point baskets by Rene "Rini" Liboro and Alwin "Mr. Covered Courts" San Jose to end the quarter.
From then on, Team Liboro played like a team on a mission as its stifling defense, led by Jerry "Braveheart" Bernas, Tonton "Papi" Gonzales, and Pagli "Pacman" Paglinawan, translated into easy fasbreak points. A clutch mid-range jumper by Carlo "Big Z" Arceo proved to be the dagger as the lead went up to 10 with a little over a minute to play. As the final buzzer sounded, Team Liboro was finally able to celebrate its 1st ABL Championship. "Sa wakas di na tayo bridesmaid!" yelled Cyrill after the game. After 5 long years, Team Liboro can finally call themselves brides.

Written by Rene Liboro ("file photo" on the left) for the ABL website

Thursday, March 27

Adobe Photoshop Online

Rejoice cam whores! Adobe just launched Photoshop Express beta!

The service is free, with 2 gigabytes of memory for all your cam whoring needs. Install Flash Player 9 and start uploading right away!

Now we can do quick photo touch-ups a la Photoshop anytime, anywhere (check out all the editing tools on the left panel of the screen capture). Then we can share our private-soon-to-be-public moments with our very own "cover flow"-ish galleries! Sweetnesss!

Check it out!

Tuesday, March 25

Power Googling

We all know that Google is the best damn search engine out there (sorry Yahoo! -- or should I say -- Boohoo!). Here's a useful tip to make Googling a whole lot easier:

just type site: together with any search
*site address is from the site's second-domain name and up (i.e:,,

The Google results page will only show results from the specific site. Now all your searching will be done within Google. Let's face it, not all sites have good search tools. If you have an idea on which sites you want to get info from use this shortcut. It will save you a lot of time and will keep you away from "optimized" pages!

Trailer Watch: Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder Starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr.

Sunday, March 23

Nacho Libre Is Da Shit

As requested by Ka Gerry, here are some sound clips from the movie "Nacho Libre," an all-time bench favorite

Tuesday, March 18

When Will Jun Lozada Visit Me?

Jun Lozada (or JLo as we fondly call him) is all over the country. Every night I watch the news and every night there's a JLo story.

I hope he doesn't run for office, because if he does he will win. Yes, the same person who repeatedly stated that he didn't want to delve into politics, is currently on the right track for a seat. Don't get me wrong, I am pro-truth and I believe that he speaks it, but whatever it is that he is doing now is too sensational that it's borderline exaggerated -- much like his so-called poor financial capabilities.

**I was looking for a picture of him to include with this post but can't find a single one! WTF? Is he that visible?!?

Monday, March 17

New Poker Movie: The Grand

It's an improv movie where actors play characters in a poker tournament. They said the tournament was played for real. The story goes as the tournament progresses.

The actual script is reportedly just 29 pages! Some of the players include Woody Harrelson, David Cross, Mike Epps, Jason Alexander, Hank Azaria, and Chris Parnell.

Monday, March 3

If You Liked "The Landlord"

I hope this isn't Pearl's last performance!