Tuesday, August 14


After a short stint in Qtv, GMA will air Takeshi's Castle on its main channel starting tomorrow at 11:30am [right before Eat Bulaga!] For those of you who only remember Takeshi's Castle as the old IBC13 show starring Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manoloto, there is a newer version where Joey de Leon played Shintaro "Taru" Gokoyami [haha.. I'll let you figure that out]. Although it was definitely an upgrade, this version showed a lot more sketches and a lot less Takeshi's Castle. Hopefully tomorrow's premiere won't disappoint and revert back to the TBS original.

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Erika Lorenzana said...

I'm missing out!!! But it's quite funny though...I was scanning my cable channel offering one night when I was having my oh-so-often insomnia attacks, when viola! Takeshi's castle was airing on US Cable TV!! Hilarious!!! I kinda was waiting for Smokey or Anjo to pop onto my screen though, but I didn't think they made the cut ;P Guess late night US audiences dig Takeshi humor after all!! Long live Takeshi!!!