Tuesday, August 14


After a short stint in Qtv, GMA will air Takeshi's Castle on its main channel starting tomorrow at 11:30am [right before Eat Bulaga!] For those of you who only remember Takeshi's Castle as the old IBC13 show starring Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manoloto, there is a newer version where Joey de Leon played Shintaro "Taru" Gokoyami [haha.. I'll let you figure that out]. Although it was definitely an upgrade, this version showed a lot more sketches and a lot less Takeshi's Castle. Hopefully tomorrow's premiere won't disappoint and revert back to the TBS original.


Erika Lorenzana said...

I'm missing out!!! But it's quite funny though...I was scanning my cable channel offering one night when I was having my oh-so-often insomnia attacks, when viola! Takeshi's castle was airing on US Cable TV!! Hilarious!!! I kinda was waiting for Smokey or Anjo to pop onto my screen though, but I didn't think they made the cut ;P Guess late night US audiences dig Takeshi humor after all!! Long live Takeshi!!!

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