Wednesday, August 6

Manila Girls: Hollmann Twins

Here is what we know about these two lovely girls:

They are twins
They are commercial models
They are now part of GMA Artist Center
They were former Star Circle National Teen Quest questors
They were part of a little known TV program called “The Debutante”
They were part of a little known independent movie called “Baby Angelo”


I’ve had a crush on them since I first saw them on TV. I don’t even remember when that was, but definitely when they were still young. And now I feel like a "mezzo-pedophile" (not dirty but sinful in a venial way)

Here are some pictures that I grabbed from KC’s Multiply and Zek Constantino’s Flickr:

While writing this blog, two random memories came to me. First was a TV interview wherein they said they made a promise to each other not to have any kind of romantic relationship until after school. That's none of our business so let's move on. The second one is a meeting of sorts. Although fairly recent, this is a vague memory so humor me... We were driving through a sidestreet in Katipunan (the one across Gate 3, the exact same street I skipped happily on to play CounterStrike with my [GAY] friends back in college, that I didn't even bother to know the name, and just like in any other entry I digress) when I saw the two sisters walking towards Esteban Abada. I don’t like using this term, but O. M. G! I was eye to eye with Bebs... or KC – and it felt like it lasted for more than a minute (which is long enough to be offensive). I don't know if it was the proverbial "time slows down" moment or this is just me trying to create drama, but that's just the good part of this memory. The bad part is the window tint is not dark enough to cover my shameless face.

Open Letter to Ms. KC and/or Bebs Hollmann:

Dear KC/Bebs,

Sorry. It was not an intended stare.



Rene aka Rini said...

How old are these girls? (Please be 18... Please be 18... Please be 18...)

askmogs said...

I am assuming they had their debut already, based on pictures I saw on Bebs Hollmann's Friendster (I'm such a stalker!). They are what Westerners refer to as "barely legal" and I'm saying this in its most politically correct connotation.

chonky said...

I spent five days, four nights with them in Macau/HK (with 30 other people). hehe

askmogs said...

Oh, andun ka? I saw those pics, too. Hehe. So how are they in person? Mabait?

chonky said...

mabait at mahinhin... medyo kiddie pa eh. that was last year though

kc said...

this blog just made me smile.. anyway, apology accepted! ;>

askmogs said...

Is that really you? Please don't play with my emotions. My heart is fragile.

askmogs said...

It is you! Haha, astig. Pero totoo yun, natulala talaga ako. Haha.

reshit said...

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my said... i also found this online profile,,, the photos? not that many but they look pretty ...