Thursday, August 28

UPDATED: Pacman - Golden Boy in December

More details to follow tomorrow when the match
is officially announced. For now, let us "enjoy"
these amazing boxing photos of the Golden Boy
in fishnet and panties.

No one knows how much Pacman is going to pocket in this blockbuster fight. The only thing for sure is that it's worth at least a billion pesos - good enough pay to make Manny quit boxing altogether. He would quit for a much smaller amount - we all know where Pacman's heart belongs. As soon as the deal was inked, Pacquaio was already tracing his way back to that other famous local ring - Philippine politics.

Let's face it.. Pacman will very likely receive permanent damage after this fight. Although Golden Gay over here is past his prime he is still Oscar de la Hoya, the only boxer in history to win six belts in six weight divisions. He is still much bigger than Manny. There's a reason why boxing has weight divisions, and this fight simply goes beyond that. It's not a boxing fight. It's a worldwide entertainment event - the biggest one in recent Filipino history.

If Money Pacquaio wins: 1) he sets his name in stone as a boxing legend, 2) we will be proud of him, 3) he will get his money, and 4) he will run for office. Even if he loses we will still be proud of him and he will still get his money. He may or may not fight again, but surely he will still run for office. Win or lose, it's the school we choose.

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