Thursday, December 11

Random Street/Everyday Pictures

Just random things I see on the street.

Bluish Purple socks tell me that either he's The Joker or he's a Jokla.

This bus I took from Galleria to Cubao (Ibabaw) is the first brand new bus (not Korean hand me downs) I've ever taken.

My Golden Retriever, Goldie, and the cat, Hawn, are best of friends.

A Dog riding a Man riding a bike.

Chicken Inasal anyone?

Look closer.

Vehicular accident C5.

My dog, Kitchie na Dog, studying for the Bar.

Really? This is nationalism?

I can't be sure but I think Chaniel Ramos wrote this.

Taken during the rice crisis.

Blair Witch Project 3: Isawan

Just thought that this guy from Chelsea Lately was wearing a Pacquiao shirt last August.

If your shoes are killing you, you probably bought them here:

Check out the colors of this cat's eyes.

Has it been so rampant that they have to put up a sign?