Friday, June 27

Best Way to Upgrade Your iPhone

If you are currently using an iPhone in the Philippines, then you're using a Jailbroken phone. To enjoy all the capabilities of your Jailbroken iPhone, you must have the latest firmware version installed. You CANNOT do that using iTunes. That will just F* your phone up!!!

If you're already on 1.1.4, then congratulations -- you're iPhone is updated to the latest version (pretty soon 2.0 will be out but that doesn't mean that it's the best version for a Jailbroken phone). If you don't know which version you are on, check it on your iPhone under Settings > General > About. If you're not on 1.1.4 then read on.

I have gone through a lot of sites researching the best way to upgrade. There are different ways of doing it, all of which are dependent on which type of iPhone you are using. I'm not gonna go into the details of that since it will not matter -- that's why this is the best method to use!

Most sites will tell you to use ZiPhone, as it's free and easy to use. But not all will tell you exactly how to use it. Experience is the best teacher. I just finished upgrading and I am so amazed at how simple the process is that I just have to share it:

1. Download the firmware here. Don't open it with iTunes yet, just save the file. Don't worry, this is not malware. It will not F* your PC up. If you want to look for the firmware on your own, be my guest.

2. Download ZiPhone 3.0 here. ZiPhone is THE BEST IPHONE UPGRADE PROGRAM EVER! It can prepare your phone for upgrade, jailbreak it so you can use third party apps, and unlock your phone for use in any country. If you want more info, you can visit the official site here.

3. Install and Open ZiPhone.

4. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB.

5. Open iTunes and Create a Backup of your phone:

Go to Edit > Preferences > Syncing: There you will see the last backup file created for your phone. If you want to create a new one (recommended), delete the old one, click OK, and Sync your phone.

6. On ZiPhone click the Prepare for Upgrade button. Wait for the process to finish. It takes less than 10 minutes.

7. Go to iTunes, PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT, then click Restore. Browse to the previously downloaded firmware file (Step 1) and Restore your iPhone to the latest firmware version (1.1.4). It's normal that your SIM will not work after this step.

8. On ZiPhone click the Do it all! button and you're done. You now have a working SIM on a Jailbroken iPhone that's upgraded to the latest firmware version.

Much deserved praise should go to ZiPhone's creator, Zibri. You, my dear Sir, are the man.

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