Thursday, April 3

The Dork Returns

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After sitting out four games, the Dallas Mavericks' fraudulent MVP returns and "inspires" his team to their first win against a .500 team since the blockbuster J-Kidd trade.

Dirk admits that he is not 100% (as evident by his face in the above photo), but today's match-up is just too crucial for him to sit out.

With the win, the Mavs move ahead by a game over 8th placer Denver and by two over Golden State. It's like watching 2 girls share 1 cup (birds with a stone is so yesterday). So congratulations, Dork! Good luck on your next two games -- when you visit the Lakers and the Suns!

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alwinsj said...

i just hope that gs and denver eliminate dallas...and i hope to catch up maynard in my fantasy league! that would really be two girls sharing 1 cup! hehehe.