Tuesday, April 15

The Complainer: Premiere Issue, the UP Oval

Confused about a lot of things in our society?

Don't understand what's happening?

Well so am I.

[Note:All my complaints, big, small, absurd, understandable, incoherent, logical, illogical, twice blended will be posted under this heading.]

Effective March 26, 2008, the UP Administrators lost their marbles.

On that date, the UP Academic Oval traffic scheme was made into a one-way traffic route similar to Quezon City Circle. This is clearly a case of over management.

Apparently, the administrators decided that they can do so much more than planting and replanting sunflowers along University Avenue and decided to do this. Approaching from Philcoa, you can no longer turn left upon coming face to face with Fernando Poe Sr.'s rock hard... physique.

The explanation of course is to increase traffic flow. In this, the UP Administrators are simply illogical.

Granted, increased traffic flow is almost always welcome. This however does not apply in a crowded campus. In fact., inside a campus like UP, the slower the cars the better. This prevents possible accidents caused by speeding student-driven cars whose drivers are intent on getting to Mang Jimmy's as fast as possible.

Secondly, I have never been caught in a traffic jam inside the Academic Oval. Everybody knows that the only traffic jam in UP occurs in the registration line during Reg Week and the line for the free screening of an art(read:X-rated) film.

Lastly, I love driving on that road at night with all the lined up trees and yellow light from the lampposts. Actually, I love driving along that road all the time. It's relaxing, serene and carefree. Exactly what UP should be.

Now they ruined it. Now the corners leading to it are filled with metal barriers, forcing drivers to go one way only. It killed the stress-free environment inside the campus.

I may be alone in this. But I know I'm not.

Complain with me.

The Complainer

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