Tuesday, September 11

This is the DARK in Darko

After losing by a point to Greece in EuroBasket 2007, Darko had more than a point to spew out in his outburst:

Reporter: Darko Milicic, congratulations despite the loss. First impressions?

Darko: Nothing, these three big sh*theads, these two.. three p*ssies have cheated us, that's what happened. This p*ssy, these three sh*theads think they are something. I will go and f*ck their mothers' p*ssy -- all three of them, that's what I'm gonna do.. p*ssies all three of them, I'm gonna f*ck his Italian mother in her p*ssy, man, that's what I want to say..

Reporter: Darko, calm down a little bit, your impressions of the game?

Darko: He's a sh*thead, he should s*ck my d*ck.. go on.. write that, man.. all three of them, the first one and the second one and the third one.. I don't give a damn about this, that's what I want to say..

Reporter: ???

Darko: P*ssies.. they don't call anything.. he sh*t in his pants.. I will f*ck his mother in the mouth, man.. if he has a daughter, I will also f*ck his daughter!

Reporter: ???

Darko: ..we are fighting here, I died.. I need an infusion, do you understand.. and they cheat us like sh*t..

Wow. Raping referee's daughters. Apparently they use these slurs often in their country. Performing unwarranted sex with your enemy's relatives are comparable to saying they are tarantado or gago.

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