Friday, September 7

So Close

..was I to the 2nd Round of APPT-Seoul. Last night I finished 11th place. They needed 10!

When we were down to 15 I knew I had a huuuge chance of making it. I was 11th at the time. One more went out. I was 10th! Time to calculate. I was sure I was gonna get in. I didn't have to play a hand. With four players behind by around 3,000 in chips I was as good as there.

But no, someone made a desperate move to overtake me. Succeeded.

Now I was back at the bubble. Fortunately, the player in tenth wasn't even playing. He was sitting out. Didn't look great for him: I was ahead by 900+ and he was seated right before me. WRONG! He was in perfect position. This I only realized on my last hand. He posted Ante. I posted Small Blind. Ante was 400, Small Blind was 2000. "Mogs, you idiot!"

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