Tuesday, March 18

When Will Jun Lozada Visit Me?

Jun Lozada (or JLo as we fondly call him) is all over the country. Every night I watch the news and every night there's a JLo story.

I hope he doesn't run for office, because if he does he will win. Yes, the same person who repeatedly stated that he didn't want to delve into politics, is currently on the right track for a seat. Don't get me wrong, I am pro-truth and I believe that he speaks it, but whatever it is that he is doing now is too sensational that it's borderline exaggerated -- much like his so-called poor financial capabilities.

**I was looking for a picture of him to include with this post but can't find a single one! WTF? Is he that visible?!?

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Mayn Man said...

The crowds are thinning... I hear a backlash coming!