Friday, February 1

Bring Back JackTV & Basketball TV!

I saw this petition link on my facebook account. Actually, I am a member of the Basketball TV group in facebook. There is an ongoing petition demanding SkyCable to bring back Basketball TV, Jack TV and Solar Sports in their channel lineup.

This petition is I guess applicable to those who have to bear the monopoly of SkyCable in their area. But still, please spread the word on this petition. Surely you want to have the dosage or even overload of NBA Games, WWE matches, Family Guy, The Simpsons that you have been accustomed to back in your boxes right?

And to those working in companies, if somebody from ABS-CBN sales approach you and pitches for their crap replacement channels (BALLS, MAXXX, Velvet - no pun intended Cy), don't listen to their bullshit. That would teach them a thing or two about what the CONSUMER REALLY WANTS!

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