Wednesday, January 16

Filipino Poker Tour

The televised event's gonna be on the 26th of this month. I've been playing the online freeroll satellite for three straight days now. First night I placed in the hundreds I think -- I was not ready and was excited the entire time. Yesterday I placed 35th. Today I placed 17th. Will I place 9th tomorrow and 5th the day after? We'll see. If the trend holds I'll come 1st on the seventh night.


askmogs said...

I got busted out in less than 10 hands. Bad beats galore!

MaynMan said...

pwede pa ba humabol?

askmogs said...

I placed 25th tonight. But it's 1st or nothing so I have nothing. Yes pwede ka humabol. Freerolls are until the 24th: