Monday, October 22

Don't Download This

50 Cent's latest album Curtis is as ugly as the G-Unit head primate himself. There's nothing new: all the songs sounded the same; choruses were merely repeated lines off the title - (I, I get money, money I got) I, I get it - lines from I Get Money. Argh, my ears. Even my boi JT can't save this album. And don't get me started on the Kanye West thing. K had more talent as a sperm in his father's testis. So please, don't waste bandwidth.. Don't Download This.


chonx said...

waaahtafez! waaahtafez! I agree. Didn't he say he'll retire for good if kanye sells more albums?

askmogs said...

yep, and consider him outsold.. 50 Cent is the new Ja Rule.. formula rapper / ten hit wonder..